Bina & Tushar 25th Anniversary - Hindu Gujarati Wedding @ Chandni Grand - Samir Kumar Photography

Bina & Tushar 25th Anniversary Hindu Wedding @ Chandni Grand

25th Anniversary # hindu gujarati wedding – Bina and Tushar “Good relations just don’t happen. They take time, patience and two people who truly want to be together..” Bina and Tushar are those two people for whom, I got a chance to photograph their 25th Anniversary. 25 years of togetherness is like #relationgoals right there. After photographing a number of weddings of two souls starting out on their new journey as a wedded couple together this was a fresh change to photograph two people who after 25 years of togetherness wanted to renew their vows and start all over again! The event started with me getting to the venue to take formal portraits of the evergreen couple.